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Chemours Freon Refrigerant Gas

Company: Chemours

Our Association: We are leading distributors of Chemours Freon Refrigerant Gas.

About:  Chemours is a new kind of chemistry company driven by thier purpose to create a more colorful, capable, and cleaner world through the power of chemistry. Built upon a 200-year-old legacy and a world-class product portfolio, they bring everyday convenience to virtually everything people touch—in industries ranging from automotive, paints, and plastics to electronics, construction, energy, and telecommunications. They bring solutions that are better, safer, more reliable, and more sustainable, through the power of chemistry.

Category: Refrigerants

Website: https://www.chemours.com/Refrigerants/en_US/products/Freon/index.html

Product Offerings:

  • R-134 A
  • 404 A
  • 407 A
  • 410 A
  • R-32
  • R-124
  • R-227
  • SUVA-95