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About Us

Prakash Refrigeration Company’s journey is rooted since 1964 when the Sekhani Brothers started a partnership business as Prakash Company in Delhi. In 1968 they started the Kolkata branch which later got renamed to Prakash Refrigeration Company in the year 1981. It began operations as a local retail business of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning spares, accessories and equipments which today has revamped the HVACR sector in India by becoming the lead stockists and importers of many renowned brands of the world. Our vision is to become a world leader in the sector and today PRC is a prominent name for HVACR supplies  in India.


With their foresightedness, wide range of product offerings, hard work, customer-oriented approach and business integrity in place, the Sekhani brothers have successfully established PRC as a reliable and efficient solution provider for any requirements in the HVACR sector. The no-compromise on quality and entrepreneurial spirit of the people who founded the family business continues to prevail the company today.


Our mission is to “Dream, Dare, Deliver”. We encourage our customers to dream of better and ground-breaking ideas to fulfill their business needs which we dare to undertake and deliver solutions at the best quality. Our three pillars of success are:

Financial strength

Financial strength and stability are very important for all stakeholders. PRC is an established family owned company and continuously growing business since 1964. With technical knowledge, local know-how and an ability to adapt, we have consistently proven ourselves to be a strong and reliable partner.

Innovation and R&D

Innovation and the drive to achieve excellence is the DNA of the PRC. Over the years with many generations joining the family business, young minds and new ideas have driven PRC to greater heights. Our ambition is to continue to grow in the global market of HVACR which is why innovation and R&D are at the heart of PRC strategy. We are known for thinking ahead of the curve and coming up with genuinely innovative products and solutions.

Global network

Networking is important in every line of business to ensure long term growth and the HVACR is certainly no exception. Being able to offer the highest quality of service and products to our clients at all times and in all places is of enormous importance to us. We believe that the key to success lies in offering our clients top-of-the-line products and services, while at the same time listening to their individual ideas and requirements. PRC aims to keep expanding its network and know-how and ensure we are exactly where our clients need us to be.


To be the best provider of high quality refrigration and air conditioning spare parts to the after market.


Satisfy our customers by providing competitively positioned products through an integrated distribution network.